The Search for Air Pipes: Choose Something Not Even Lions Can Tear Apart

Building Commercial HVAC Heating and Cooling System Exhaust Fans and VentsAir pipe systems are most often present in commercial industrial facilities that constantly require compressed air. They need sufficient volume, quality and pressure to deliver compressed air to any connected point of usage.

When you install a poorly designed system—or low-quality pipes, to be exact—you are risking costly repairs in the long run. They may be the reason for an unnecessary increase in energy and maintenance costs; they may also be the cause of avoidable equipment failure and product inefficiency.

Having said that, consider the quality of your air pipes before installing them. Choose those that resist even the strength of a lion.

High Ratings and Safety Standards

When you’re in search for sturdy air pipes, keep your eyes peeled for those with high ratings and safety standards. Many PE 100 blue line poly pipes are available in the market; settle only for the ones that set the industry standard for functionality and quality.

Pay attention to pipes with high ratings for pressure and flow so that the compressed air can move through them smoothly. Pay attention to high ratings for corrosion resistance and oil compatibility as well because these features keep the air pipe system functioning for longer.

More importantly, look for air pipes that meet and, if possible, exceed the current Australian safety standards. By installing them, you are ensuring the safety of the facilities as well as the workers.

Long-Term Strength and Stability

Air pipes typically last for 50 years, given proper design, installation and operation. Look for blue pipes that are in accordance with AS 4130 / AS 4131 and you’ll take advantage of them for years to come.

You may take the PE100 blue pipes at Melbourne Zoo and at Taronga Zoo as examples. The pipes which demonstrate long-term strength protect the air that passes through while withstanding the force of lions and other animals that are seemingly strong enough to destroy the equipment.

The zoos invested in durable pipes that not even the lions can bite through. These pipes also exhibit excellent pressure, flow and corrosion resistance. Needless to say, other zoos and Animal Environment Enhancement programs are now using the same pipes.

Whatever you need air pipe systems for, consider the pipes at the mentioned zoos as an example. They feature high safety standards and long-term durability for decades. By using similar pipes, you too will enjoy the benefits in the long run.