Stay on Track With a Good Kubota Excavator Tracks Dealer

An excavator used to digMajor industries, such as agriculture, mining and infrastructure, require heavy-duty machinery in digging foundations and clearing operations. These digging machines, called excavators, will take care of all earth-moving activities and handling materials.

Use the Best Tracks

To perform its duty, an excavator must have resilient traction to the surface or ground. The Kubota excavator tracks ensure this steady traction.

A trusted name in heavy industrial machinery, equipment and tools, Kubota has been a long-time partner of the Australian economy in growing its major industries. For 40 years, its range of world-class excavation tractors and rubber tracks are fixtures in Australian agricultural, commercial and industrial sites.

These machines improve work quality, increase productivity and reduce costs for many businesses. Discerning customers who always consider quality know that they can never go wrong with Kubota.

Getting a Kubota: Help From a Mate

Excavator tracks are major investments, and heavy equipment dealers can help businesses own reliable machinery like Kubota. Here are three ways a good machinery, parts and components supplier can help you:

1. Availability of various machine models – Kubota tracks come in various sizes and performance levels that would fit a particular contractor’s need. There’s the K008 180mm, K008-3 180mm, K15 230mm, K020 250mm and K040 400mm, among many others. By helping you choose the right model for your business, a reputable supplier ensures that you are on the right track.

2. Easy payment scheme – Your dealer should provide an ownership program for your machine. Financing support through credit referrals and bank financing are helpful, especially for start-up businesses. Always ask for distributors’ discounts and deals to save more money.

3. After-sales support – Be it brand new or a second-hand excavator tracks, get a good deal through buyer protection programs, such as full replacement warranty and a money-back guarantee for wrong or defective products.

Renowned globally for durability, reliability and performance, Kubota is a prestige brand of excavator tracks that reflects the professionalism, experience and quality of its authorised dealers, suppliers and customers.