Merchandising 101: Strategic Display Planning

Display of Laptop Tablet and SmartphoneDisplay scheme and visual appeal are essential factors in the success of any retail store. Business owners should understand how these two components influence the decision-making process of each customer. You’d be surprised at how even the small details can make a customer stay in the store, ultimately make a purchase.

Remember that most customers tend to turn right when entering

This is the direction where customers are most likely to turn, so utilise the space with high markup items. This location is commonly known as the “power wall, ” and it makes the strongest statement about the store’s brand. Choose items that make the most visual impact, and use wall-mounted display shelves to exhibit them neatly. This will entice your customers to go further inside.

Display some of your high markup products in strategic pathways

The path to your store’s exit can be a great place to line up high-margin items, such as toiletries. This can serve as a perfect reminder for customers that they forgot something, or they are about to run out of it at home. This way, you’ll cash in on some extra sales for your business.

Store the most consumable goods at the back

Every customer is likely to pick up consumables such as milk, eggs, and bread whenever they do their groceries. Put these at the back of your store. It forces them to walk past all other goods along the way. They will likely pick up another item or two, which they didn’t realise they needed.

Allow yourself ample time to strategise the placement of your products. When you plan properly, your store will be generating more income, and your customers will have a better shopping experience.