3 Reasons to Throw a Beach Party

People Celebrating at a Beach PartySingapore is famous not just for its Cosmopolitan lifestyle and world-class food. The country is also famous for its award-winning spa retreats, themed attractions, and golden sandy beaches. This is why many Singaporeans are throwing beach parties in Singapore. Here are some of the reasons why. Consider these ideas if you’re thinking of throwing a beach party in Singapore.

More of your friends will show up!

If you’re throwing a beach party in the summer, you can’t expect all of your friends to be in the same city all at the same time. After all, summer vacations mean travelling abroad. But if you’re throwing a party at the beach, chances are bigger that your friends will stay put to join an epic festivity. Better send the invites early so your friends can adjust their schedules and trips accordingly.

You can serve iconic Singaporean drinks.

Apart from the much-loved Singapore Sling, you can also serve other iconic drinks at your beach party, namely Milo dinosaur, bubble tea, bandung, sugarcane juice, barley water, iced teh tarik, chin chow grass jelly, and lime juice. These are great options for your guests who are attending with their kids in tow. Of course, you can also rent a mobile bar to cater to your friends who are looking for alcoholic drinks to sip on the beach.

You can beat the summer heat!

Singapore is hot year-round, but it can get pretty hot during the summer season. That’s why if you’re throwing a party outdoors, better include an activity wherein your guests can cool down and not by drinking alone. Singapore’s man-made beaches are incredible so better take advantage of them.

Have Fun in Singapura!

So plan a great beach party in Singapore soon. Not only will you be able to beat the heat, but you’re also helping showcase the beauty of the country to your friends.