Leverage Local SEO to Stand Out from Among Your Competitors

Local SEO concept shotWith the coming new year, local Connecticut businesses can restart or start anew with their search engine optimization to improve their marketing. Coforge Marketing and other experts explain that SEO in these local CT businesses can make the most of local reviews and ratings, local citations, title and meta descriptions, and schema markup to get ahead of its competitors. Once you gain an advantage, you will be able to achieve more success wherever you are in the state.

Encourage More Reviews

According to an annual study, local reviews and ratings can go a long way for small local businesses. Google gives great weight to reviews and ratings of businesses. The more you gain reviews and ratings online then, you will find your website ranking higher. Keywords and city names in reviews will also help your website to rank higher.

List Yourself in Business Directories

Aside from local reviews and ratings, you can also make use of local directory listings to boost your SEO. The more content rich pages you have in business directories, the more you make your business visible online. You can start with a Google business listing and then move on to other business directories such as Yelp. Fill up the entries to give Google more incentive to index your listing.

Title and Describe Concisely

How your website listing looks in the search engine results page will matter when attracting web users. Your title and meta description will help users understand your content or your website at a glance. Poor optimization can cost you in these fields. You can keep your titles concise but accurate. The same goes for your meta descriptions. They will then serve as mini ads better.

Fix Your Website Code

Lastly, you can use schema markup to make Google and other search engines understand your website and content. When you place vital information in your website’s code, Google can easily find and showcase it. Schema markup can also help optimize your website for voice search.

From what you have learned about local SEO above, you and your business can finally stand out in the state of Connecticut.