Here’s Why More People Are Moving to Dubai

DubaiIn 2014, reports from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing showed that 11.6 million people visited Dubai. Some visit simply for leisure and business, while some chose to migrate. As Dubai aims to have 20 million visitors by the year 2020, more and more people are also looking to stay for good. Here are three reasons why you should consider moving to Dubai.

Good weather

For 8 to 9 months, Dubai’s good weather allows people to enjoy the great outdoors, especially the beach. Dubai is sunny for the most of the year. However, the summer months can be quite uncomfortable for some. From June to September, the temperature can reach the 40s. However, this season is packed with many festivals to entertain people. Dubai’s warm and sunny climate is often one of the reasons why people choose to visit.

Good educational facilities

Many educational institutions in Dubai cater to the international community. If you plan to work here as an expatriate, you will find the international schools in Dubai like to be quite competitive. Dubai international schools follow the US and British curriculum. There are also some educational institutions that offer students the curriculum from their home country including French, Australian, Indian, Pakistani, and German.


One of the best things about living in Dubai is the tax-free lifestyle. Yes, you’ll be able to earn more and enjoy more money because salaries are tax-free. This means that food, goods, amenities, and restaurants are also free of tax. Perhaps this is why people from this side of the world can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, and who wouldn’t want that?

See You in Dubai

These are just 3 of the simplest reasons why people migrate to this part of the world. Do visit Dubai soon and see for yourself why many people are travelling here and end up staying.