Rules on Graphic Design to Make Sure Your Brand Works

Brand above a light bulbVisual identity defines your business and makes your brand unforgettable. When it works, your target market knows who you are, likes you, and will pick your product out from a shelf of so many competing items.

Here are the three cardinal rules in coming up with a strategic and effective design for your packaging or web page:

Know Your Audience

This involves a fair amount of research, obviously. What you like may not be what your target customers will respond to. People of different age groups, cultural backgrounds, income level, and gender may agree that a design looks good, but the key is to find something that would move them to action.

Think like a marketing pro. If you can show your design to a test group before launching, that would triple your odds of being very competitive.

Do not disregard time-tested design basics

The elements that come into play in an interesting visual include line, color, form, texture, and space. These are the building blocks of any design.

How they used to follow a set of principles, namely balance, movement, unity, variety, emphasis, proportion, rhythm, and harmony. In a frantic effort to stand out, so many have failed by trying too hard to be different or fresh.

This is a challenge a graphic design expert in Provo can help you with. Seasoned artists know all the rules and are great at breaking them. Here are some funny design fails to learn from

Be up to speed when it comes to trends

In 2018, experts are predicting the use of rich and vibrant colors, creative (and often dripping) typography, and lots of double exposure. Hand drawn illustrations are expected to make a comeback. There will also be more logos formed using negative space.

Using a combination of the basics, the latest trends and data analytics on your target audience, you stand a great chance at commanding attention for your product or service and succeeding in business.