Solving the Issue of Corrosion in Concrete Reinforcing Mesh Panels

A mesh panel used at a construction siteTypically, all big construction projects will require you to use reinforcing steel. But, concrete reinforcing mesh panels are an irreplaceable component in every construction project irrespective of its size.

However, it is how well you place it, and it remains in that position during the entire concrete placement time that will enhance the performance of your structure. Ensure you always have an experienced contractor to help you with that.

The Place of Proper Placement

Without proper placing of the reinforcing mesh, it will be difficult to achieve a uniform width of the recommended reinforcing components and the top of concrete members. This layer of cover acts as a protection to the underlying reinforcing elements from corrosion. It also helps the reinforcing mesh to bond perfectly well with the concrete to enhance structural strength.

Therefore, check and adhere to your local building codes about the minimum width of this cover depending on the type of structure that you are putting up.

The Issue of Corrosion & Its Solution

You expect concrete and steel to bond quite well because they have similar thermal expansion coefficients. The only pressing issue here is that typical steel corrodes, and when that happens, the rust that forms on the steel surface increases the volume of the steel bar or mesh. That ends up damaging the concrete, which compromises the structural integrity of your project.

The solution here is to use corrosion-resistant reinforcement, such as the fibre-reinforced polymer, or proprietary, epoxy-coated or stainless steel.

Over time, manufacturers have been coming up with reinforcing technologies to meet the growing demand for these varieties. For concrete reinforcing mesh panels, you will fast appreciate that they are quicker and cost-effective to use, especially in precast production, than welding bars and wires by yourself.

Check with your local supplier to discuss more on how a concrete reinforcing mesh panel can help enhance the structural integrity of your building.