Get the Look: 3 Hair Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

salon hairdressersYou are probably aware that big hair is now making a big comeback, but do you know the other hairstyles that have made the cut? If you have been meaning to upgrade your skills, consider attending a beauty school in Utah. Collectiv Academy lists the top three hair trends that your fashion-savvy customers may request next year.

Over-the-top curls

Women with curly hair can finally embrace their unruly tresses, as curls are definitely in. The bigger, the better, so expect curls that call to mind the big hairstyles of the 80s. Natural curls are much preferred, and hair stylists recommend against brushing hair and using one’s fingers to scrunch the curls instead.

Gray Balayage

We have seen the sun-kissed ombre cuts and Balayage styles evolve in the past years to accommodate new trends such as the blonde Balayage. The trend is stronger still, and will continue to incorporate even bolder colors. Balayage incorporating charcoal gray hues, for example, will become even more common. The the particular shade complements mid-length hairstyles.

Semi-full bangs

There is an art to cutting bangs that not everyone is aware of. Make it too thick, and it turns into the ubiquitous fringe. A certain variation, however, will become trendy and that is one that was popularized by fashion icon Jane Birkin decades ago. Models are already jumping on the bandwagon, including Chrissy Teigen, Bella Hadid, and Elsa Hosk. Pop singer and Billboard’s Woman of the Year Selena Gomez has also been seen sporting the thinner fringe.

Which of the above hairstyles do you know how to do already? How many tricks up your sleeve can you pull off?