Three-Point Guide in Choosing the Right Boat Cover

BoatsBoat covers come in different styles, colors, quality and fit. Because of the variety, choosing the right cover for your boat can be an uphill task. However, essential factors should be considered if you are to get the best cover for your boat. According to WALK-WINN, an expert in boat covers, here’s a guide on how to choose the best one.

1. Fit

There are three major cover fits. There is the universal fit, which is designed to fit a variety of boats within a particular size range. It is a good option for storing your boat but isn’t recommended for trailering. The best thing is that it’s affordable. We also have a semi-custom fit which can many boats of the same style. It is suitable for trailering and storage. Lastly, we have a custom fit which is made to fit a specific make. It’s also a great option when towing your boat. Your boat type, size and the intended purpose of the cover will determine the fit you get.


The fabric should be breathable and water repellent. This will ensure that the moisture trapped inside can get out, as well as prevent snow and rainwater from getting in. The cover also needs to be UV light resistant to protect your boat from direct sunlight which can damage the paintwork.

3. Color

Boat covers for your tracker boat or any other kind of boat come in different colors. The choice of color depends on your style and preference. It will also depend on the aesthetic value it adds to your boat. Dark colors such as blue, green, and black tend to last longer and have an added protection against UV radiations. However, you still have to choose a cover that accentuates the beauty of your boat.

Choosing the right boat cover can be daunting. However, the benefits and the value you derive from it by far outweighs the effort. The above guide will lead you on the right path towards getting a boat cover that befits your boat.