Top 3 Storage Solutions for the Peak Season

A storage spaceRetail is one of the most demanding yet lucrative industries around. Competition can be tough, which is why being on your toes and having items in stock all the time is crucial. You never know when that wholesale purchase is going to come around, and it is always best to be ready for times like this. Here are a few things you can do:

Use storage rentals

Sometimes, expanding your storage room or warehouse is just not possible, especially during peak season. This makes leasing high-density storage systems a great idea. You can talk to a contractor or company if a short-term lease is possible to address your seasonal storage needs. Make sure to look for one that is close to your office or warehouse so it would be easier to ship or transport items.


While it is a good idea to have your best sellers on stock, the same rarely goes for other items. Make sure to check the ones you need to stock up on against those that barely move. You can also get in touch with your supplier to check if the in-demand items can be delivered in a moment’s notice. This can help you allocate precious space more efficiently.

Tunnelling the racks

What is surprising is there are unutilised spaces in most warehouse settings, such as the space above cross aisles. Adding tunnels to your warehouse racks can get you 5% to 10% more storage space without having to spend on costly expansion. One rule of thumb is you need to place a net under the racks for safety purposes, in case an item or case falls off.

A blueprint of the floor plan and some planning can help you maximise your storage space. Prepare for peak season months in advance and call a local storage rental company to make sure you have everything in check to avoid any storage mishaps.