4 Highly Effective Study Habits

Student studying with her laptopIt’s not the amount of time you put into studying that matters, but rather how you study. As students, it would be helpful to know of effective study habits that you can adopt to get the most out of studying.

Below are four useful study habits:

Practice makes perfect.

Whether you are a regular student or aiming for a scholarship in Singapore, you should use past exams and practice quizzes to gauge yourself. Try and understand the concepts and the type of questions to expect. You can form a group of friends with whom you can be taking the tests with cites HuffPost. They also help clarify and simplify concepts which may have been difficult to understand before.

Find an ideal study area.

Where you study matters. Make sure the area is right for you to get most of your study. It should ideally be quiet, free from distractions, has access to facilities, etc.
You can also make your ideal study area to suit what works for you. Make sure it is specifically for studying and not for other things. This will make your mind adjust and associate that particular area to studying.

Attitude is everything.

Don’t look at studying like something you have to do and get over with. Instead, have the right mindset and look at it as an opportunity to learn. If you find yourself too distracted, consider studying at a later time.

Learn the art of active listening.

Pay attention and avoid unnecessary distractions whenever your lecturer is speaking. Avoid talking or using your phone during lectures and take notes instead. Be sure to review them immediately while they are still fresh.

Effective study habits will go beyond your college or university education. They are life skills that will also help you in other areas of your life. By adopting the above habits, you are likely to improve the quality of your studying and have more time for relaxing.