Fabric Shades: The Modern Way to Live Healthily

striped canopyWhether at home or your workplace, you need shade to cover you or your property from the scorching sun. Shade is essential for your car too. Fabric is not only eye-catching but also dramatic, unique and environmentally sustainable.

You want to choose a fabric structure that needs less detergent-cleaning and reduces environmental impact. They have a couple of benefits that you may consider embracing.

Health Concerns

Unlike other material such as wood and glass, fabric has the unique quality of protecting the human skin from harmful UV rays. Consequently, a structure made from thick fabric will come in handy to protect your loved ones from health conditions such as skin cancer that results from exposure to UV rays.

A fabric shade will also protect your family from eye conditions such as cataracts caused by UV radiation. You, therefore, want to choose this material as a health and wellness measure.


You do not want to choke in your space. Whether it is a car park or a backyard, you want to have adequate fresh air circulation. Unlike wood or metal, the fabric is more porous and allows ample flow of air.

Additionally, fabric blocks out heat and allows air to circulate beneath it causing a cooling effect. A fabric shade will come in handy in hot summer weather.

Environmentally Friendly

Wood demands cutting of trees and disruption of the ecosystem. Fabric needs affordable and ecologically sustainable materials. The fabric is also light and produces fewer emissions in its transportation.


Fabric can last 25 years or more if well-designed and strategically-located. They barely need any maintenance, as they are self-cleaning due to the smooth finish. Whatever the condition, rain snow or windy conditions, fabric structures will suffice.

Fabric structures are healthy, affordable, durable and environmentally friendly. You want to consider one that will not only save you from maintenance costs but also guarantee your family has protection from cancer-causing UV radiation from the sun.