Tick These Three Boxes when Designing a Website

web design conceptOpening a business is not just about getting your permit to operate and setting up shop. You also need to think about your online presence and how you will market your brand out there. In a world where people are looking at their phones most of the time, you’re fighting a losing battle if you’re not prepared for mobile.

Here are factors to consider to optimize your web design for mobile use:


A responsive website is important for Utahns, especially if you’re a newcomer in the market. Though clients may not be aware of technical terms, what they do know is that if a website loads slowly, it’s not a good match for them. Your clients are on mobile for a reason: they are probably doing something else and need information quickly. If your website cannot load instantaneously, you’re not useful to them.


What exactly does it mean to be mobile-friendly? It means your website should load properly on a small screen. But the thing is, there are different mobile devices to consider. Your website should load properly regardless of the platform. If you’re just loading properly on Chrome, or on Samsung gadgets, you’re losing the attention of everyone else who might not be using those devices. Thankfully, you can find SEO companies to optimize your website.


When you’re designing a website, you want to think like the common users who will access it regularly. Anticipate what they want to see next, and which options they might want to access. Include navigation where top-level pages can be accessed, or have a menu of the important categories that enrich their site visit. If you give them what they want without waiting for them to ask, they will spend more time on your website.

Your website should be helpful and informative. To make it more user-friendly, tick the right boxes.