So You Want to Be a Wedding Supplier: Here’s What You Need to Do

Garden wedding eventThe wedding industry is booming, with plenty of opportunities for even the most fledgling of businesses to shine. It is a large industry as a whole, but it is made up of several smaller enterprises such as hair and makeup services, photographers and videographers, caterers, invitation printers, wedding planners, dressmakers and tailors, and music suppliers, among others.

The smaller wedding favors industry itself is competitive, with technology such as a laser etching machine for wood, allowing couples to have unique props and décor, as well as customized wedding favors for all of their wedding guests.

If you want to put your business forward as a wedding supplier, you need to be ready and make sure to provide the best service. Here are the things you need to do if you’re planning on becoming a wedding supplier.

Secure permits and licenses

First things first: You need to secure the necessary business permits or licenses that would make your business credible not only in the eyes of the law but also to couples looking for reliable suppliers.

Being a legitimate business would also grant you easier acceptance to bridal fairs, wedding supplier associations, and business directories where you need to list your company as a wedding supplier.

Be clear about your product or service offerings

What products or services can you offer a soon-to-be-wedded couple? Do you have a team of professional photographers or a group of craftspeople who can do personalized gifts for wedding guests? Or do you have a restaurant and are looking to offer catering services?

You need to be clear about the product or service you are going to offer and research the market rates for such so you can have an idea about your own pricing.

Show your work

Whichever aspect of weddings you specialize in, it’s important for you to show it off to potential clients. This means you need to build a portfolio showcasing your best work. Couples would never hire a supplier without seeing what they can do.

They look for a company that would be a good fit for what they want for their wedding. This is where a portfolio comes in. Put it up on your website or Facebook page and write about your products or services on your company’s blog.

Build your network

There are many suppliers involved in a wedding, and it would be a good idea for you to know who’s who. If you are just starting out, do some good ol’ research and attend smaller wedding fairs and industry shows that would suit your business.

Make friends with other suppliers and build your network. It’s not uncommon for suppliers to tie up for events other than weddings, so take advantage of every opportunity to put your business forward.