Choosing Steel Stair Treads for the Workplace

construction siteSteel stair treads are especially helpful for the manufacturing, construction, and mining workplace settings. Steel stairs are easy to customise, install and maintain.

While they are more expensive than other stair materials, they are much more durable and will last for a very long time. However, worker safety is a top priority for business owners, so stairs should follow safety guidelines.

Australian law does not specify rules for worker safety when it comes to stairs, but the Building Code of Australia regulates stair construction in general. Here are some ways you can ensure safety with steel stair treads.

1. Check the height

You may not be aware, but the height of the treads plays a big role in tripping and slipping. The rules state that the height or “riser” should be between 115 and 190 mm if it is a regular flight of stairs. If it is a spiral staircase, it should be between 140 and 220 mm.

It is important that whatever height you choose, they are consistent throughout the flight. Otherwise, someone will fall or trip. If you have an open staircase, a 125 mm sphere should not be able to pass between the treads.

2. Check the width

The width of the tread also plays an important role in keeping users safe. Each tread should be between 240 and 355 mm for a regular staircase and 210 to 370 mm for a spiral one. If it is too narrow, you are more likely to lose your footing.

If it is too wide, you will not be able to climb it comfortably. The width or “going” of the tread should also be consistent throughout the flight of stairs.

3. Check other things

A flight of stairs should be between two and 18 risers and should have an angle between 15 and 55 degrees. You should also check if the steel stairs are likely to get wet and slippery, in which case you should install anti-slip strips on the tread itself or non-slip stair nosings.

A stair nosing is a covering for the edge of the tread and typically made of crushed rock on a metal backing. Steel stair treads are the smart choice for industrial use. However, you have to make sure they are as safe to use as possible for your workers. These tips should guide you on your final choices.