Increase Your Profit with Portable Fuel Tanks and Mobile Gas Stations

A hand filling up a car with dieselOne of the emerging businesses with high potential is portable fuel tank and mobile gas stations. With a location suitably designed as a mobile fuel station, contacts to petroleum companies and fuel tank storages and trailers that pass the high standards of safety and quality in accordance with Australian Standards, you could be on your ticket to the millionaires’ club. Let’s take a look at the big differences between a conventional gas station versus a portable fuel station.

Conventional Gas Station

Seen as a temporary alternative, portable fuel stations are gaining more prominence because of its higher profitability compared to conventional fuel stations. With the need to own a location where structures such as underground fuel tanks and pump machines, initial expenses are already too high not to mention the monthly and annual fees and taxes you need to pay once it becomes operational. Add to that is the advertising and maintenance fees, transportation costs of fuel to the gas station and other additional related expenses and you will be looking at a very little sales profit.

Portable Fuel Station

In contrast, portable fuel station is very flexible and can quickly adjust to the market while has a lower maintenance cost. One of the main reasons why retailers decide to go with portable fuel station is that they easily change fuel products based on the community’s demand, unlike those fixed underground fuel tanks.

In fact, your initial capital outlay will no longer include purchasing land for construction of underground fuel tanks and pump machines. This also saves you a lot of money from spending for state and building permit fees, insurance and other equipment maintenance costs. No need to spend on construction, flexibility on expansion and low maintenance costs contributes greatly to getting high sales profit.

The Better Option

While it is true that conventional gas station offers a lot of services, strategic marketing could gain you more profit by choosing portable fuel station. As private owners shared their experiences, setting up portable fuel stations is fast; the return on investment is even faster.