4 Things to Do when Hiring a Contractor for Your Home Renovation

Home remodelingThe biggest expense when it comes to a major home remodeling is labor. Home renovations and repairs are complicated, and you need someone skilled to do the dirty jobs. Hiring a contractor would be your best option, as it would take away the chunk of your worries off your chest. You may have heard negative stories about hiring one, so to not encounter the same experiences, it’s only right that you take the necessary precautions.

Do a background check

You’ll be working with the contractor and letting him into your home, so you want to be able to trust him. Make sure that he has no bad credit or criminal records. You also have to check whether he has a valid license and if his insurance has not expired. Always ask for proof. It would be great if you find other clients that he’s worked with in the past.

Buy the supplies yourself

A lot of contractors value independence when working, but this doesn’t mean that you’ll give him full authority to make decisions such as procuring the supplies. Some contractors would go for low quality as long as it’s the cheapest. Accept recommendations but make your own assessment. Accompany him and have the initiative to check supplies, like steel, online if you don’t have the time.

Have a contingency plan

Even if your contractor gives you his word when it comes to the budget, timeline, and supplies, you have to be ready for any changes. This is more common than you think because it could be based on factors that are way beyond your control such as the weather. You also need to have an emergency fund for miscellaneous.

Maintain a good relationship

Because you’ll be working with your contractor until the finish, you need to keep a good working relationship. Keep your communication lines open. Let him know that you trust him to do his job but be authoritative enough as well. Also, as much as possible, put all agreements into writing to be on the safe side.

Dealing with contractors can be tricky, but the best way to approach this is to do your research and be hands on while giving him independence at the same time.