Fabric Buildings and Their Uses

Vacant fabric shelterFabric buildings are an advantageous and effective choice for multiple applications in different industries. The variety of use makes the buildings a premier solution for industrial, government, or commercial scenarios.

There are various ideal uses of fabric structures within these categories. Here are some.

1. Workforce Housing and Accommodation

Remote mining camps and other geophysical or mineral research facilities often require accommodation for their workers. In such cases, where housing may be a challenge, fabric buildings come in handy to provide effective housing units for the people.

They are available in open plans as well as private secluded spaces. They also come with extensions of cooking, cleaning and eating areas for hygiene purposes.

2. Exploration, Mining and Excavation

The work sites and encampments for the geophysical or mineral exploration, oil and gas, and renewable energy researchers require special facilities. The precious minerals extracted, as well as the exploratory data collected during research, are as good as the structure used to secure them.

Fabric buildings provide the durability and longevity required for operation even in extreme weather conditions.

3. Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance

Due to their durability and portability, fabric structures can be used as vehicle maintenance facilities as well as aircraft hangars. The almost limitless sizing options, combined with the clear span interior outlay, ensure that these structures can also accommodate aircraft, helicopters, wingspans, propellers and other heavy machines.

Additionally, these structures can accommodate add-on features, such as special floor plan, lighting and HVAC system to make work easier.

With fabric buildings, the opportunities of enhancing operations and facilities with government, industrial or commercial institutions are endless. They provide versatility, portability, durability and longevity that is not practical with other types of structures.