Creating a Sterile Environment That Promotes Healing

a construction worker installing tiles on the floorTrips, slips, and falls account for about 15% of the work-related deaths, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). That means they come in at a close second after road accidents. Slippery floors, uneven walking surfaces, holes, and protrusions on the floor are some of the leading causes of these accidents.

As a health care provider, the last thing you wish to happen is to add to the almost quarter of million falls and slip victims making their way to your facility for treatment. With the right healthcare flooring, you can keep both your staff and patients safe and promote healing.

Engage a professional cleaning crew

Wet floors are one of the leading causes of slips and falls in public places, and hospitals are not an exemption. Well, that’s if the cleaning crew isn’t up to the task. Cleaning professionals follow great protocols to keep your facility clean and sanitary with the least amount of distractions to your operations.

You certainly don’t want a cleaner getting in the way. Again, cleaning experts are likely to use quick drying methods to eliminate issues that result from wet floors.

Pick the right flooring

The hospital environment is a beehive of activity and to support them all, you need to have the right flooring. Rubber and LVT make the most popular flooring options in such an environment. Their durable, scratch- and scuff-resistant surfaces help lower maintenance costs by reducing repair frequencies and disruptions.

Again, they can handle heavy rolling loads such as wheelchairs, med carts, and stretchers as well as foot traffic 24/7 with minimal noise. Also, they’re available in many colours to improve the aesthetic appeal while promoting a sterile environment that promotes healing.

Safety is a primary concern in the hospital environment, as it ensures that all your operations run smoothly. Pick the right flooring material to ensure that you maintain a clean and sanitary environment.