What is the Average Salary of IT Professionals for 2018?

IT professional in a server roomIT professionals in the U.S. earn an average annual salary of more than $85,000 per year, although it may reach around $121,000 for more experienced workers.

Those who wish to improve their credentials should seek industry accreditation such as CompTIA A+. A CompTIA A+ practice test for this qualifying exam allows you to be more familiar with the listed objectives under the certification.

Salary Booster

Certified individuals are likely to earn more since it serves as proof of their competency in certain IT aspects. While CompTIA A+ is an entry-level certification, it doubles as your foundation for more specific certification like Security+.

Being certified also helps you stand out in the IT industry, where a shortage of skills has led employers to compete for the best talents. This means some companies may be willing to provide with you a higher compensation package if only you and a few others possess the right skills for the job. If you’re gunning to become a C-level employee, different IT certifications will help your cause.

Executive Compensation

The chief information officer is arguably the highest-paid position in the IT sector. The median pay may cost between $175,000 and $219,000 per year. You would likely need decades of experience to achieve this position, but that doesn’t mean certification won’t be useful.

If you want to be the chief security officer of your company, you can expect to earn an annual salary from $125,000 to $195,000. Those who wish to earn more without the added stress of a C-level position should consider being an IT security manager, which pays from $115,000 to $125,000 per year.

Salaries for IT professionals are rather high particularly in segments with a strong demand for tech expertise. These segments include the need for cybersecurity, which has a lot of job openings yet only a few qualified candidates. How do you plan to improve your IT qualifications?