Benefits and Tips of Using a Cherry Picker for Harvesting

Cherry PickerA cherry picker is a work platform used to access hard-to-reach areas like the tops of trees, buildings, electrical posts, and skyscraper windows. It has a bucket, where the “picker” stands and a hydraulic lifting system, which the driver operates. Cherry pickers were originally used in farms and orchards. These days, it is one of the most important machines in horticulture.

Before looking into an orchard cherry picker seller, read about the machine’s benefits and be informed on how to use it safely.


1. It cuts harvesting time. The use of a ladder to do activities like mounting it against a tree to harvest fruit is time-consuming. On the other hand, cherry pickers were made to pick fruits from relatively tall trees in orchards and farms. You’ll increase productivity with such equipment.

2. It requires less labour. A cherry picker only needs to be manned by two workers: a picker and a driver. The driver can lead the picker easily to every area of the tree.
3. It is safe. Climbing a tree or using a ladder to pick fruits are not always safe. With a cherry picker, risks are significantly reduced.
4. It is multi-purpose. A cherry picker can be used to trim branches and limbs, clear some overreaching branches of a neighbouring tree, and inspect a tree for other horticultural purposes.

Some tips

Cherry pickers require some skills to operate the equipment safely. Operators and pickers can attend classes or even get a training certification. To ensure safety, follow the tips below:
1. Make sure the machine is stable. The cherry picker must stay flat and balanced on the ground, not on a slope or an incline.
2. Elevate the cherry picker at a reasonable speed. Ascending too quickly may affect stability.
4. The picker should communicate with the driver to reach a certain area, to reposition, and to stop.
5. Just as you are elevating the machine, lower it at a reasonable speed.