How Eco-Friendly Can Industrial Air Compressors Be?

industrial air compressorA business that is eco-friendly is likely to woo its customers more than the one that is not. It makes their customers confident about the company’s environmental preservation efforts, which can make it relevant and profitable.

This wave of eco-friendly options has forced many companies recently to begin searching for means to minimise the activities that contribute to the carbon footprint. That is especially so in manufacturing businesses, which consume a lot of energy to manufacture new products.

If you run such a business, one of the most practical ways you can have a positive impact on your immediate environment is by getting your industrial compressor right. To help with that, you will want to insist on:

Proper Maintenance

Follow a routine maintenance program for your air compressors to keep them running efficiently. Have your team or an experienced inspection specialist to check them, at least, every year.

Empty the draining pan to keep the functionality of air compressors on optimal levels, but don’t forget to allocate enough time for this maintenance procedure to ensure that your workers do not skip any step of the process.

Also confirm, from time to time, that the compressor has no holes were pest could get in and clog it. You should cover all ventilations with grates to prevent vermin from entering the compressor, which will help you cut costs on pest chemical treatment.

Preventing Runoffs

The industrial compressor uses both hydropower and electricity to run. It, however, will require proper lubrication to operate smoothly.

Remove drained water to prevent it from carrying off the grease which will contaminate groundwater. Avoid using runoff water to water plant or to even drain it to the municipal drainage system.

If the air compressors have had frequent need for maintenance and repairs due to leaking, it is time to upgrade it to a better and more efficient model. While most of the new air compressors may be eco-friendly, confirm so from your supplier before you place your order.