Your Options in Door Hinge for Your Commercial Establishment

man installing a door hingeThere are many parts of a door that affect its overall performance and durability. The most crucial of these is arguably the door’s hinges. These support your door’s weight and provide a flexible point that allows it to open and close.

When shopping for your hinges, you will undoubtedly come across many types. Not all of them, however, make a good fit for commercial door hinges. The ideal hinges should be strong enough to withstand frequent opening and closing and support the heavy doors typical of retail establishments.

Here are some of the best hinge options for doors in business settings.

Butt Hinges

These hinges feature two leaves matted together using a pin. There are several types of butt hinges available on the market. The most common choice for doors used in business centres is the five-knuckle butt hinge.

If this is not enough for you, there are other butt hinges with more knuckles which have more strength compared to the five-knuckle hinge.

Continuous Hinge

A continuous hinge runs the whole length of your door. You generally use it for heavy doors in establishments where security is very important. Apart from the considerable security continuous hinges offer, they also provide privacy since they leave no room through which people can peep.

Pivot Hinge

Pivot hinges are typically used to attach the bottom and top parts of heavy doors usually those weighing 1,000–40,000 lbs. They keep these doors well aligned since they pivot when opened. Pivot hinges are generally made of stainless steel and carbon steel making them among the most durable on the market.

From the options above, you are sure to find one that suits your establishment. With the right choice, your door will not sag or make an annoying noise when opening and closing. Regardless of your choice, regular lubrication of the door hinges is essential to keep them in excellent condition.