Piecing Things Together: 4 Aspects Talented Welders Have Mastered

welders welding a big machineAccording to the National Association of Manufacturers president and CEO Jay Timmons, the manufacturing industry would need to grow the talents of its workforce, which makes sense since this industry is important to the economy.

Welding companies in Edmonton, for instance, provide businesses involving metalwork or repair of metal parts.

Expertise with Metals

These welders are able to offer their services because they are adept at handling most types of metals. They have typically trained on how to weld stainless steel, aluminum, carbon sheets, or plate steel. Being knowledgeable of metal types is important since not all clients use the same kind.

Machine Repairs

Welders are also adept at machine repairs, specifically fixing their metal parts. A welding shop might be tasked one day with repairing an oilfield structure, then on the next day get tasked with fixing a truck or trailer. This skill makes welders indispensable to businesses that use such machines.

Building Projects

Because buildings have steel beams, sheets, and other metal parts, welders are also tapped to help in construction projects. Their tasks involve altering the metal part to the desired form, such as bending a steel pipe that needs to be curved.

Necessary Training

To serve as a testament of their skill, welding shop professionals usually carry certifications. This assures their clients that a construction or repair project would go smoothly.

For instance, a welding shop in Canada might carry certifications from the Canadian Transportation Equipment Association, from the Canadian Welding Bureau, or both.

The manufacturing industry has important contributions to the creation of devices, vehicles, and other pieces of technology we enjoy today. Welders specifically are significant to businesses due to their skills with repairs, handling metal types, or building projects, all made possible by training.