3 Primary Categories of Profitable Backlinks That Will Impact Your Organic SEO

employees discussing links and seoOrganic SEO encompasses all unpaid or natural methods that boost SEO ranking. Compared to other forms, organic SEO has a longer lasting impact and is more cost-efficient. There are various methods of organic SEO, but backlinks remain undoubtedly among the most efficient.

There are several types of backlinks used for search engine optimization by many agencies, but as Blue Gorilla Digital noted, not all of them are efficient. Getting an experienced agency is vital to ensure that the most valuable backlinks are used on your website.

Here are a few of the beneficial backlinks digital marketing agencies recommend:

Blog Comment Links

Your site can profit from these links by posting comments on relevant blog posts found on other websites. Rather than linking the comment you make on other blog posts to your homepage, connect it to a relevant post on your site. This is the ideal method of ensuring the traffic you generate from your blog comment backlink is profitable.

Directory links

These are generated from directory websites for online clients searching for particular products and services. Though typically unpaid, a few online directories impose an annual subscription fee for the backlink. The best way to ensure your directory link is profitable is to subscribe with a directory that’s relevant to and commanding in your industry.

Forum Links

There are various online forums, which industry experts address various consumer issues. Sign up for these forums and contribute to position yourself as an authoritative voice in your field. Forum links will get clients and industry experts to your site and hence position you way ahead of your competition.

Most experts use the above backlinks together with others relevant to your industry concurrently to get good ROI. The key to getting an impact from backlinks on organic SEO lies in consistency and patience. With a good SEO agency, the wait for results will be well worth it in the end.