Vacation Activities to Try in Charleston, SC

An abandoned haunted houseWhat makes a vacation fun? Sure, it’s nice to look at the pictures you post on Instagram, but it’s the stories behind them that make the trip worth it. When you’re heading to a place like Charleston, SC, you are spoiled for choices when it comes to activities.

Choose fun and memorable tours to make the destination unforgettable:

Haunted Tours

Charleston is known for plenty of fun activities, including haunted tours, which are scheduled for small to medium-sized groups. You get a chance to see the best locations in Charleston with a haunted past, all in one package. Choose to go at sundown to up the spookiness of the tour. Though they are thrilling and can give you those goosebumps, they’re still child-friendly, making them perfect for the family.

Beach Tours

Who doesn’t love a good beach visit? You and your cute outfits will look like vacation goals, but only if you check the weather before you go. Take your sunblock with you, as well. Sunburn or an unexpected rainfall should not ruin a good day. Do pay attention to news about jellyfish stings, as they are the talk of the town recently. Know what to do in case you get stung. Even an unfortunate event like this can make your vacation memorable, but only if you survive to tell the tale.

City Tours

Can’t settle on a particular part of the city to visit? How about exploring all the popular destinations in one go? A walking city tour gives you the highlights and shows you places most tourists see when they visit SC. This could be the first activity you do, and if there’s a particular area that interests you, go ahead and visit it for a more in-depth tour. There may also be several city tours covering different aspects of the place, so check each tour before booking.

No matter how long or short your vacation is, you can make the most of it by choosing activities that give you good memories. When you’re in SC, take advantage of the variety and have all the fun you can get.