The Principles You Need to Consider in Warehouse Design

Warehouse Design PrinciplesHow you plan and design your warehouse determines the productivity of your operations. The layout will either speed up or slow down your employees, whether that’s organising inventory or fulfilling orders. This is why it’s crucial to seriously consider the design of your space. Like any other business, the goal is to boost the efficiency of the staff and operations. Here are the principles you need to consider for the layout of your warehouse.


Maximise the available space as much as you can. You should be able to allocate ample space for storage and stock processing tasks. Don’t neglect working areas, empty pallets storage, and of course, your office. Consider trying out a mezzanine office space to take advantage of the unused vertical space, recommends This is less costly than constructing a separate room and gives you an overall view of the entire warehouse as well.


The layout must have a logical sequence of operations, which means each task a worker fulfils must be close to the activity before and after it. It’s also important that the materials needed to accomplish those tasks are placed near the workstations. With this, you’ll be able to ensure that there will be uninterrupted movement in the warehouse, at the same time, less cross flow of traffic.


Every product must be easy to retrieve, without the need to shift positions of items just to get a particular product. This means your pallet racks would have to be positioned in rows wide enough to have room for pallet jacks and trucks. Pay attention to how you stack and store products as well.

Remember, the warehouse design can make or break your operations’ efficiency. Take note of these factors when planning the layout of your space, and continue to optimise the design as your business grows and evolves over time.