Conquer The Car Service Market With 2 Simple Moves

Cars for sale in a showroomCars are the second largest item on a household budget, second only to the mortgage. On average, drivers incur over $700 per month in car-related expenses, which works out to more than $8,000 yearly. Eager to escape such hefty bills each month, most people are gravitating towards buying used cars.

They are also holding on to their cars for a tad longer. Older cars require more attention in preventive care to keep them running smoothly. Such developments spell good news for car shops. With the right kind of expertise and equipment including Baileigh plasma tables from JMC Automotive, you can seize these opportunities and grow your business.

Understand your market

As much as you repair cars, your main calling is to solve the client’s transportation problems. You need to ensure they get to their destination least amount of inconvenience – breaking down, stalling, flat tires. With proper care and maintenance, vehicles boast a long lifespan.

The average car on American roads is over a decade old. Know your customer’s pain points and address them in your business model is crucial to your success. If you can help your prospects keep their rides in great shape affordably, you can win them over.

Build your business reputation

Car repairs are expensive, and people are forever in fear of being ripped off. Don’t be that repair shop that upsells unnecessary services to inflate the tab. Research indicates that women drivers, in particular, are quite wary of taking their cars to the shop. In most cases, they’re ripped off or upsold unnecessary services.

Easing these fears for your prospects is helpful to your practice. It marks you as an honest service. In turn, people will trust you with their cars, become return clients and recommend your services to their friends. It makes it easy to create a large client base to keep you busy all year-round.

Reliable car repair shops are often far and in between. By leveling up and providing your clients with exceptional service gives you an edge in the market.