Here are 2 Smart Ways to Use Marine Wood in Your Building Project

Piled thick plywood sheetsMarine plywood has long been a popular material to use for building boats and docks because of its resilience against moisture. Here are two ways you, too, can benefit from it when you use it for your home building projects.

1. Fit Out Your Outdoor Space

You can use marine wood or plywood for building outdoor furniture. It also proves to be the best wood material to use for decking, as the material is virtually impervious to weather damage. The magic of waterproof glue that attaches the wood layers together creates a solid material that prevents water from seeping in or any moisture to develop within its layers.

This is why it does not shrink or expand through the seasons, yet remain highly pliable to fit various construction forms, especially the ones for outdoor use. This material also has a smooth finish which makes it easier to paint it and doesn’t split or crack, making it easy to form to fit the design you are going for.

2. Build Long-Lasting Planters

People use this wood for building boats and other marine structures, as it can stand up to constant exposure to moisture and harsh weather conditions. This makes it the ideal material for your garden, especially for planters, which are constantly exposed to water and moisture from the soil.

It will even last longer when it is given a protective finish. It retains its colour, surface smoothness, and form year after year, so you don’t have to worry about having to rebuild it or build a new one faster than your plants can grow.

There are many other practical uses of this type of wood and these are just two things that you can do when you work with this sturdy and weather resistant material. Do you have an upcoming outdoor building project for your home? Make sure to include this material in your list of building materials to get and get to enjoy the lasting benefits this type of wood has to offer.