How Can You Improve Your Site’s Performance?

photo of a man working on his laptop with graphic animations of technology conceptYour website makes the first impression on potential customers; therefore, it needs to perform well to deliver the results you want. Constant improvement is important to stay ahead of your competitors or catch up to them.

Experts on webs design services cite the following ways to improve your site:

Reduce the Round-Trip Times or RTTs

The RTTs are the requests that a user sends whenever they browse your site. The question here is not the file sizes, but the number of requests someone sends during their time on your website. A site does not send requests in bulk, but individually to a web server. Too many requests reduce page speed and affect user experience. Some of the things you can do to reduce requests include:

– Use CSS sprites for combining pictures

– Use just one JavaScript file to reduce requests

– Reduce the number of lookups for DNS

– Use redirects sparingly

Improve CSS Performance

You will need better performing cascading style sheets or CSS to gain a competitive advantage. However, these may require many HTTP requests that can make loading times longer. You need to reduce the size of CSS files. The ideal option is to use a link tag; this reduces the requests made without affecting important website features.

Breadcrumbs are Important

This feature makes it easier for web crawlers to understand the structure of your website. This small improvement also allows visitors to identify what a page is about. This makes it easier for them to decide whether to continue browsing or go to a different page within your site.

Enable Caching

This allows for faster page loading because a browser can store files within it. This means a site doesn’t need to make many similar requests to load pages that a user often visits. One of the methods to consider is a content delivery network or CDN.

These are some of the proven improvements to consider if you want to improve your site’s performance. Implement these to meet your business objectives, such as better conversion rates and traffic.