Bad Weather: Will it Affect Your Move?

gloomy skyWhen it comes to both residential and commercial relocation, it is best to plan your move during favorable weather conditions. Unfortunately, the weather is something that none of us can control. It also has the potential to ruin your plans and make the relocation far more complicated. Depending on how bad the weather conditions are, it can also endanger some of the movers.

While you cannot predict when it is going to rain, you can still do something to lessen bad weather risks.

Consider the Season

Schedule your move in the summer months instead of the winter. While getting moving quotes and estimates can be cheaper during the winter season, Colonial Van Lines reminds that it demands special considerations, especially when packing certain items and staying safe and warm. If winter is the only time you can move, however, be sure to plan the move carefully and hire experienced movers.

Plan in Advance

Apart from planning your move in the summer, you should also listen to the weather forecast and plan ahead. If it looks like it’s going to rain on your moving day, be sure to get your umbrellas ready. You can ask your moving company to help you prepare like putting down some tarps in advance.

Be Prepared

Light rain shower on your moving day is not much of a problem, but it still a good idea use sturdy cardboard boxes and cover expensive items using waterproof protective sheets. With heavy rain, however, you may want to wait and see if it will subside after a few hours. Note that you may need to postpone the relocation if the rain continues to pour down heavily.

Think of the Risks

It can be trickier and a lot dangerous to move during the winter season. If you have to move during this time, you should also cover your belongings or office equipment with durable plastic sheets. You should also be ready to cancel or prepare a backup plan if the current winter conditions become worse. When it comes to a storm, never attempt to move at this time and call your movers to postpone the move.

Weather is unpredictable, but it still best to keep those moving tips in mind. You should also do your homework and work with a reliable moving company to make informed decisions when the situation demands.