Categories of Steel Doors Suitable for Your Cabinets

Steel doorNothing exudes a sleek and modern kitchen more than metal cabinets. The ideal metal choice nowadays is steel. You can match these cabinets with stainless steel appliances. Other than the exceptional look of steel cabinets, they are extremely sanitary, durable, eco-friendly and easy to clean.

There are various elements a buyer will assess when choosing steel cabinets from kitchen cabinet suppliers. One of the crucial ones is the type of door used on the cabinets since it is pivotal in the cabinets’ feel, design, and function. Here are the typical door options used on steel cabinets.

Full-Overlay Doors

With this option, the cabinet door‘s front completely covers the cabinet’s face with about 0.25–0.5’’ frames between cabinets units. This way, the doors create a continuous look while minimising visible gaps between cabinet doors.

The seamless look generated by full overlay cabinet doors makes them perfect for property owners looking for a contemporary look.

Partial or Standard Overlay Doors

These doors cover the cabinet’s face frame only partially. The doors’ design leaves 1–2’’ of the cabinet’s frame exposed hence leaving large gaps. Partial overlay doors are smaller compared to full overlay ones.

You will, therefore, require less material and labour for these doors. The doors are used for low-end constructions, such as entry-level houses and apartments.

Inset Doors

The door’s front with these doors sits inside the cabinet’s face frame opening and flush with it. Inset cabinet doors are associated with mission, craftsman and shaker cabinet door styles.

Inset doors require accurate craftsmanship to fit them into the cabinets and use different hinges compared with other doors for fitting. These requirements make them expensive.

From the options above, you are sure to get one to suit all your clients’ needs. There are also various customisation options offered by manufacturers for steel cabinet doors. This way, even clients looking for a unique cabinet look have their needs met.