3 Ways Plants Can Boost Your Business Productivity and Profit

various types of succulent plant poAmazon’s office in Seattle is a league of its own when it comes to design. Shaped like orbs, the Spheres include an urban forest where employees can both work and relax. The massive company is not alone in adapting greenery in the workplaces, though. More businesses are growing trees or adding shrubs and topiaries.

Whether these companies realize it or not, plants provide several benefits. These can include increasing profits and boosting productivity. These advantages can support economies, especially in thriving states like North Carolina.

How Plants Promote Business Growth

North Carolina enjoys a good economic position. A WalletHub study ranks it as 12th in the best state economy. If companies want some more push, though, they can hire commercial landscaping services in Greensboro. Incorporating plants in their businesses can encourage the following:

1. Increased Efficiency in the Workplace

Companies can implement many ways to improve their efficiency. These can include enhancing the focus, attention, and creativity of the employees. They can achieve these with the help of greenery.

Plants tend to support the attention restoration theory – people feel relaxed or rejuvenated after seeing natural scenes. This could be because they promote undirected attention. It is an effortless manner of observing, exploring, and understanding things. In the process, it elevates focus.

2. “Premium” Perception

For many Americans, plants are synonymous to green living and sustainability, which can command a higher price tag. A survey conducted by McKinsey revealed 70% of the respondents were willing to spend 5% more for a green product. A Tandberg report also cited how over 50% of global consumers prefer to deal with environmentally friendly companies.

3. Increased Spending

Several types of research have shown how plants can help lower the stress levels. In the retail environment, this has a significant impact. A Rutgers Business School study showed that stress could affect shopping behavior. Individuals who feel under pressure are less likely to spend money. Instead, they prefer to save. If they decide to buy, they can be cautious about their choices.

Indeed, plants do more than prettifying a space. They can increase the value of the property, attract visitors, and inspire them to spend money. They can also keep your employees healthy, focused, and less stressed.