Hamburger Hacks: Upsizing to Healthier Fast Food Choices

set of fast foodNow more than ever, convenience is such a huge factor in everything people do—especially diets. You want something that’s quick and easy so that you can eat while on the go. Unfortunately, that often means fast food.

Greasy, overly processed food may seem like the better option at the time, but consuming all that sugar and sodium can lead to health complications down the road. Luckily, a weight loss studio for women in Westwood can help you kick those carbs and get back into shape. But for those times when the drive-through is really the only option, here are some tips to help you pick better fast food choices.

Say No to Upsize

One of the key things to remember when at the line for takeout is portion control. Having your fries and drink upgraded to a larger size may seem like an appetizing option, but the difference in calories can be staggering. A small order of fries can contain 100 calories less than the next larger size.

The same can be said for sodas. A large regular soda has nearly 300 calories, and large shakes and ice creams have up to 800 calories. Try sticking to diet sodas in the smallest available size. You can even try asking for the kids’ menu to save on calories gained and money burned.

Grilled is Better

The way your food is cooked also matters as much as the size. Fast food restaurants may offer chicken and fish, but more often than not, these are breaded and fried. Believe it or not, when it comes to choosing between a chicken sandwich and a burger, the burger wins out simply because it takes in less fat and calories.

But don’t let the grill fool you. While your meal may have less fat, it can still contain a lot of sodium. Cut out extra additives and sauces and if possible, get your burger wrapped in lettuce.

Fast food restaurants may offer an abundance of options but when it comes to eating healthier, making the right choice is just as important.